Erotic Stories – Touching In The Supermarket

Erotic Stories – Touching In The Supermarket


Erotic Stories – Touching In The Supermarket …. Grace`s face looked confused. She stuttered,

Olivia . . . Idanhhh . . .  Looking over to me as if suggesting there was a kid close by. Idan ignored her concerned expression, brushing it away by saying,

So . . . Can you take all of this without making a grunt?

He sounded very excited by the thought of stretching her pussy with the large cucumber he was showing her in his hand. I was mentally calculating that cucumber up in my own hole. That very same cucumber. Unpeeled and rough and still cool just out the refrigerator, with the cold trickle of sweats on the skin. I`ve always heard of using cucumber as a toy but this was my very first time thinking about it so hard that I could feel the cool bumps all over the cucumber bumping its way up into my canal as I slowly force that fat green vegetable up into my pussy. I answered Idan.

I think I could.

For the first time now Idan looked over at me, the nerd he viewed me as, I assumed. Of course this choked him, he half-coughed.

Ah-hem. Hem. What?

I think I could take all that cucumber in my hole.  I said politely.

Idan eyes gawked and he looked over to Grace then at me then back to Grace. Grace smiled at me with squinted eyes and asked,

How hard?

My mouth made a small opening from the surprise. I didn`t expect that from the very prim and conservative Grace. My eyes went to her large protruding nipples through her thin blouse.

Well. Hard in my hole and even harder in my mouth. I can take it hard in both holes.

Idan zipper bobbed hard and visibly, as if his cock was straining to burst out. It was that time, for the first time I realised that Michayle`s Dad had one of the largest bulges at his zipper I had ever seen in my life. It had to be twice the size of the cucumber he held. My innocent cotton panties were getting moist. My pussy twitched. Oh my God that`s not a cock in there. It couldn`t be. Could it?


Idan caught my eyes latched on to his cock. He knew I was stripping off his pants and boxers with my eyes and looking at his naked hard cock. There was nothing I could do. I still stared. I was too amazed by its enormity. He purposely let his cock twitched forward through his khaki Dockers pants again, the movement was a strained nudged that bobbed forward, a swift upward nudge as if it was a pulse. My God his dick seemed strong and powerful and delicious. I could feel my pussy beginning to salivate. My watered, pink tongue licked my lower lip without realising. He stared intently at my lips. He stepped forward. Walked in closer to me. I doubted it Idan had ever paid me any sexual attention before now.

He looked me head to toe and I could feel him stripping me naked with his eyes. I didn`t know if he was mirroring my actions but he licked his lips too as he got into touching distance of my small body. He stood there and I felt his height towering over me as if his shadow was heavy. I looked forward and my eye level only reached at the second white button of his plaid shirt. I felt a bit intimidated, he was forty-four. I`ve never imagined having sex with a man much older than me before, more over a man more than twice my age, but now all I could imagine was his big thick cock stuck between my pussy lips and plundering my hole. I wanted to grab on it and feel the girth and thickness to feel if it was really real. My curiosity was piping hot and my pussy was hotter.

With his mouth just above my forehead, I felt his hot breath and lips movements when he asked,

What about this?  He bowed his head down directing his attention and mine off his button and back to his massive bulge.

Huh? Ahmm .. Umm  ¦  I licked my lips as I searched for words.

Grace giggled at me and said,

Idan we`re in a supermarket, control yourself.

Idan looked over on Grace and said,

I just want to know if this young flower can take a big hard cock, or if she`s bluffing.

A grandmother in a pink cardigan sweater and black strings attached to her burgundy glasses` handles passed by glancing at the price of the jumbo sausages in the refrigerator. Grace eyed her and then eyed Idan obvious penis print that bulged and as if trying to clear the sexual situation in public she hastily said,

Ok. Sansy?


She grabbed on to my hand, my shoulders rocked forward, she shoved my hand onto Idan`s hardened bulge and my widened eyes showed through my glasses. I could not wrap my hand around it entirely but I squeezed on what I could fit into the hold of tiny fist.

So can you manage that my darling? Idan is a bit rough with it?

I knew I couldn`t. No way I could, but something in me would not let me admit it.

Oh sure I can. I`ve handled bigger.

Now Idan opened his eyes to a noticeable width. He knew he was huge. He believed my lie. He looked at my well covered body, nerd glasses and ponytail.

Have you now?  He asked with a smile.

Yes, I sure have?

I saw his cock twitched hard, jerking the khaki material of his pants. He didn`t seem to care that we were in public or that his hard-on was protruding stiff against his zipper and obvious. He stepped even closer to me so his lip was resting on where my hair begun on my forehead and his warm lips tickled me there as he said,

Did you cry like a little girl?  His voice was low and thickened with filthy sexual intentions,  I bet you did.

Do you want to find out?  I asked as I placed my hand on his firm chest. His hard bulge slightly rested above my navel and my breath hitched. Damn it felt so hard.

As I wiped my fingers down the chest pocket of his shirt it felt like he had hardened matured nipples under. I looked over at Grace, she crossed her legs in a twist, one hand on the refrigerator, her eyes soaking up the sexual tension around us in public. She seemed to be enjoying what was transpiring. But out of the three of us, she was the only one who kept side-eyeing around and around to see if anyone else was enjoying the show ever since grandma had passed by.

Impressive, Sansy.  She said, commending me on how much I could take in my pussy as if it made her hot somehow,  How about we go and cash these sausages and cucumber and find out what big mouth you got?

My big mouth had bitten off more than I could chew. I wondered if this would be a threesome between me and Michayle`s mom and dad, or would she only watch? I still wanted to fuck her too. I had known Michayle`s parents were a bit kinky but not this kinky. The thought of the kink I was heading into made me hot between the thighs. I loved it.

After we cashed, Idan handed Grace his keys.

What`s this?  Grace asked.

The keys. You drive.


He stopped walking, she realised he ceased to make another step and she stopped too, looked around and he stared penetratingly at her and repeated slowly,

You drive ok hun.

Okay, okay.  She beeped the caravan doors open with the remote.

We boarded into the caravan. Idan up front riding shot-gun and me and the cucumber and sausage in the grocery bag sat on the back seat.

Idan twisted his neck around from the passenger and looked between my legs and smiled. My skirt was long so I knew he hadn`t seen my pussy or anything but he seemed to have undressed me with his filthy mind. He spun around took out his cell, thumbed a text and right after my phone alerted with a double-beep in my black handbag.

Grace looked over at him. He smiled at Steph. She smiled back at him and brought back her attention to weaving her way through the congested parking lot. I wondered what the text was about? I fished for my cell out my handbag.


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