Erotic Stories – Hot Text

Erotic Stories – Hot Text



˜What`s the biggest size you ever took?` I didn`t know what lie to text back, I texted back the first thing that came into my mind`s creative portions,

˜My pussy has swallowed up a ten inch cock before.`

˜Mine maybe bigger.`

˜Bigger than ten?!` Now I began to worry about what I was getting myself into.

˜Did it make your gaping pussyhole clasp?`

˜Mmhm.` I texted back.

˜Ever had your cunt fisted?`

Now I actually felt my pussy clasped. This actually took me by surprised. Is he actually reading my mind? I have fantasized about it so many times. Even about doing myself.

˜No, but I`ve fantasized about it before. And monster dildos.`

˜Want you to watch me wriggle my fingers into my blue latex gloves and spread you apart.` I couldn`t believe Ethan was into stretching. My pussy reacted in my panties. Would Ethan actually try to fist my pussy this evening or just stretch me with his oversize cock? I crossed my legs and squeezed them together. He peeped up through the rear-view mirror at me still trying to see between my legs. He texted back,

˜I hope u not there touching that big fucking loose cunt. Are u?`

˜Yes my legs gently rubbing my clit.`

˜Lift your skirt up and show me some legs.` I looked up at the driver`s seat and at the back of Mia`s head. She was paying attention to her driving. I slid my long skirt up my slender legs right up to the legs of white panties.

˜Now spread your legs open, before I make my blue fist cream you.` Damn he was sexting me and had me feeling all bubbling and heated inside. A blue gloved fist in my pussy. Never imagined that before but now that`s all I could imagine.

˜U know wat`s gonna cream on my blue fucking fist?`

˜My pussy?` I texted back.

˜Think I`mma fucking use lube on that greedy pussy of urs?` I knew my pussy could get really wet but God if I ever should try I knew I would need some lube. Wouldn`t I?

˜U don’t deserve that shit. Spread ur legs wider.` I knew he meant in my fantasy text but I actually spread my legs wider on the back seat. I wanted to.

˜Oohh fuck yes.` I texted back.

˜Let me see into that gaping hole.` I slid my white panties` crotch off my pussy and it was already swollen and pink. Without even a touch, his dirty texts were making me so aroused. Blood rushing through my pussy swelling the cheeks. I felt filthy, I felt my juices. I wanted to be stretched so badly right now.

˜Do you want me to spit in it? Or lick your juices out?`

˜Oh damn! Both! And lick my asshole too.`

˜And spit it in ur asshole?` He asked.

˜Look back here Ethan, I’m wide open. How many fingers should I push in my pussy?`

He looked back, squinted his eyes to focus and as he saw the pink in my pussy in the rear-view mirror he smiled. He unzipped his pants and Mia spun her head around swiftly at the sound of his zip pulling down. He pulled it out into his fist. Mia reached over with one hand and grabbed hold of it. Hugged her fingers tight around it. I wanted to touch his cock too but seeing her grabbing his cock like that made me even hotter, I rubbed on my clit with only my forefinger. Spin it around in small circles. He was texting while she stroked his cock.

˜Can I push my cock in ur hole, then you take it out and you suck on it? Suck your pussy juices off my cock? Or May I shove these three blue finger in ur pretty little asshole?`

Oh my God his dirty talk was making me so wet I slipped two of my finger down into my wetting hole.

˜Will it hurt? I’ve never had anything in my asshole before.` Thinking about how much that should hurt I brought my legs back together.

˜Keep those fucking legs wide apart. Who told u to move?`

I tugged my panties` crotch harder to the side so he could see the whole thing through the rear-view and texted back,

˜Look into the mirror and watch me while I place my fingers in my big wet pussy slowly. In and out, two fingers.`

˜Take those panties off.` I rolled from between my legs and placed it on the seat.

˜Now push those juice drenched fingers in my mouth. I wanna taste ur squirting pussy so fucking bad.`

˜No! You`re being punished. My ass flinched tight as I felt the sudden wet run of a stream of my juice down to my ass` crack on to the peanut-butter leather of the seat.

˜Look at all this juice running to my ass crack.`

˜You want me to spread your ass cheeks apart and lick on ur asshole with my broad wet tongue?` He flicked out his tongue toward the mirror and I felt a tight string tugged twice in my belly and nipples.

˜How badly you wanna taste my wet cunt?`

˜How badly do you wanna taste your cunt?` Oh fuck I wanted to taste my own cunt really bad.

˜Stick ur tongue in Ethan, lemme taste it off your tongue, please.`

˜No. I won’t stick my tongue in ur sloppy dripping pussy.`

˜Pls I’ll do anything you want. Let you fuck me as hard as you want. Please stick it in and stick it in deep into my pussy.`

˜I will stick this tongue in your asshole.` I almost dropped the cell out my hand when I read that.

I`ve never gotten my ass eaten before, but Michayle had let his tongue voyages close to it before and wow it was a nerve clenching sensation, I`m not sure I could manage him tonguing my ass.  ˜Are you scared of a lil wet cunt?`

˜That’s all u deserve Sansy. My tongue in ur asshole with two of my fingers stuffed in ur cunt.` Oh fuck I would love for him to eat my asshole the more I thought about it.

˜Oh yeah I like that, eat my asshole.`

He texted me back,  ˜I shove my fingers in up to ma last knuckles. U feel my fingers deep inside you beyond your walls?`

˜Ohh yes baby, I feel it buried far into me. And I want more. Further!`

˜Wanna feel my fist?`

˜Yes, yes. Oh pls do.`

Spread your fucking pussy let me tongue ur pussy first. I wanna taste all that pussy juice you dripping.` My pussy was actually sticky wet by now. I rubbed hard on my pussy and sunk in two fingers. Sunk it in far and deep. Damn my fingers in my pussy had never felt so good before. I closed my eyes and my lids fluttered. I heart beat was going faster and as it quickened my fingers rubbed on my clit so fast my hand was a blur. I grinded my hips in sweet pleasing circles on my fingers as I tortured my clit so bad.

˜Split ur pussy over my face, Please. Can u soak my tongue like a good fucking girl with that wet pussy of urs?` He had no ideas how fucking wet I was. My pussy was beginning to make a squishy noise as I finger-fucked myself so hard, so fucking good.

˜Oh yes wet n messy for you.` I started pumping my fingers faster in my pussy and pressed my fingers hard into my hole. The wet sound got louder and Mia glanced up in the rear-view.

˜Didn’t I say stop rubbing ur fucking pussy? U trying to jack off on my face? U wanna drown me in ur pissy squirt? That’s wat u wanna fucking do?` he texted me,  ˜I want to taste that juice running down to ur fucking ass crack. Can I ma’am? Taste that juice off ur ass that has cooled down now on ur ass.` He was right, my warm juice that had trickled down my ass had felt cooler there now. And as I my body got more awakened by my juices hanging onto my skin under my pussy and wont drip off I wanted him to use his warm tongue and wipe it off my ass up my juicy pussy clean.

˜Oh God I wish I was slowly lowering my hot pussy over your face right now!` And I meant every word of my text. I wanted to fucking ride his face so hard right now. My pussy lips thickened.

˜Oh my! My pussy lips are so swollen.`

˜I want you to keep your pussy above my face, stoop over my face so low I feel the heat, I feel the fucking heat coming off your horny cunt and you finger your pussy right there over my face. Don`t stop until you let the juice drip from your folds to my face, on my cheeks, my neck, my lips, in my mouth, on my tongue. Then you saddle your ass perfectly between my nose and chin and smother my face. So I can stretch my tongue out from between my lips the farthest I can, right down between your warmth and flicker my frisky tongue inside you.`

˜Oh yes! And eat up you naughty boy. Stick ur tongue deep. Like this.` I shoved my fingers in deep where I knew his tongue couldn`t reach while he watched me finger-fuck my wetness in the mirror.

˜Want you to feel when I use my big mouth and cover ur entire pussy then suction it in down my throat.`

˜OMFG! Oh fuck yes baby eat it all up!` I stepped up the pace in which I was slamming my fingers into cunt.`

I wanted to try and stuff my entire fist inside. That`s how I really felt. I added another of my fingers, my ring-finger along with the other two into my hole. The three fingers were stretching me far apart than I have ever been spread before in my life. I winced as I slowly force it in trying to let it all fit. Damn.

˜Yes yes pls. I need that fist. Force it in pls.` And as I sent off that text I forced my fingers in as if it were his fist being forced into me, stretching me like I`ve always desired. I forced hard trying to let them fit in. It hurt as my pussy expanded, the entrance width widening, stretching, but I`m not stopping till they all inside.

˜Three fingers?` He asked in his text.

˜No, no. Give me them all.` I begged as I shoved and shoved and shoved and crammed my own fingers inside.

˜That’s all ur greedy little pussy gonna get. You wanna feel the knobs of my wrist inside, turning and twisting around against your walls?`

˜Oh yes! I`m so wet it will slip all da way in. Fist hard in me.`

˜I was gonna fist u gentle and stir my fist around slow. But u asked for it hard.`

˜Yes yes! All the way. Ram it up in my hole hard let me cum please.`

˜I shove my fist up an inch further where it fits tight. You feel that in ur pussy?`

˜Ouch it hurts.`

˜U can’t stand how far I’m pushing it? You want to run off my fist? I pin u down and fucking shove it down harder. U wanna cry? U better not.`

Oh fuck his filthy texts were turning me on so fucking bad, making me so hot, so dripping. My fingers inside me pained around my pussy but it was a bitter sweet pain. I was saying all the things I was fantasizing about and could never say to Michayle. Damn this felt good! But to be honest I had no idea if I could truly manage, but fuck it this was a fantasy text. And I was living it out. Stretching the elasticity of my pussy.

˜Choke me while you fucking fist stuff me up good. Bite on my lip! Please, pretty please.`

I held all my fingers steady inside me as I typed the text and I felt my pussy clasping shutting and releasing around them. I wanted to be treated rough so badly, I peaked with a desire to be treated like a slut.

˜Squeeze my neck and let me wine on your bony knuckles. Keep your fist steady in my pussy and let me fuck your fist, please.`

˜U wanna try and get more of my fist into u? Force yourself down on my fist. You`re so wet, so noisy. I grip Ur neck and u bite my neck just like I like it. Do you like that squishy sound your pussy makes? Your fucking pussy is so fucking wet. I pull my fist out and cram it back down hard and your face wince so beautifully.`

˜Slap on my tits please. Spank  ˜em. Spank em both. Devour my mouthful of tits. All of it in your fucking mouth, swallow  ˜em rough.`

Mhmmm ¦ sucking on your tit. You like that?`

˜You`re so greedy. Slow down you greedy boy, gently bite on my hard pink nipple.`

˜I nip ur nipples between my teeth. Don’t stop wining on my fist. Keep your hips moving. Rock back and forth on it.`

˜Mmmm yes, yes! Feels soooo fucking good!`

˜Maybe I`ll give you six fingers. Three on each, top and bottom. Stretching ur pussy so wide apart.`

˜Now feel my fucking fist stuffed far down in ur fucking cunt`

˜It feels just right, hard, filling, stuffed inside me. Go harder, harder. Oh fuck yes harder pls.`

˜Stop climbing up in da bed!` He texted back as if visualising us in the bedroom before it even happen.

˜I`mma show u harder.`

˜Bite on my nipple and I drive your fist in me, stretching out my fucking hole is what I want you to do so bad, Stretching, stretching, fucking stretching out my hole.`

˜Till ur pussy want to squirt?`

˜Yes oh yes harder baby harder. Talk dirty into my mouth.`

˜I hope ur fucking clit not tender. Cause I want to suck on that big slippery knob hard.`

Oh my God it was as if I could feel his big sloppy mouth swallowing my clit. I felt a tingling rush building up in me, wriggling its way up my spine, my legs were twisting, I tried to keep my eyes open to text back, my thumb trembling to find the letters.

˜I want you to suck it hard Ethan, tug on my clit. It`s building up you gotta pull out your fist or it`s gonna fly in your face.`

˜YES! Fucking cum in my face baby. Drench my face and quench my throat.`

˜Oh my God!` I shoved four fingers into my slippery pussy and spread my legs so wide apart. Working all my four fingers in my pussy, groaning. Mia glanced back at me brutally drilling my pussy and I couldn`t stop. My breath ragged. I spread my legs even wider, hoisted them both up to the roof, stuffing my fingers as deep as I could withstand down in my pussy like I`ve never done before. It burned so sweetly. My body shook hard. My legs shaking in the air and I felt my squirt coming along. I rested both my heels on the back of the seat`s headrest in front of me.

Mia slammed on the brake as she was about to ran into the back of a navy blue Toyota jeep. I still couldn`t stop pumping my four fingers down into my pussy, damn, oh God, oh God oh God! I`m fucking gonna squirt in his van, wet his fucking seats. I don`t wanna, he`s gonna kill me for making a wet mess of his van. Mia stopped the car and both of them watched as I crammed my fingers down into my pussy in the traffic. I can`t hold it back, I hollered, Oooooh my Fucking Goddddddddddd!!!

I raked two fingers upward on the ribbed roof of my pussy`s ceiling in a rough hard rhythm, real deep and my bladder felt like it was about to expand till it explode to pieces. I didn`t want to squirt in his van. I pulled out used two fingers and pressed down sinking on my clit as I felt the urge of the squirt wailing through my body.

My body fully taken over by the powerful orgasm raced through my body, the power of the orgasm hauled my hips upward off the seat. As the squirt came spewing I grabbed on my clit and stretched it upward to my navel and it raised the arch of the warm spewing squirt higher and closer to the ceiling. The squirt lasted longer than I knew it could ever last. It went over five seconds long and was still streaming. He could not stand to see all my squirt I was pissing out go to waste. As a high stream of warm squirt shot out my pussy to the ceiling of the caravan Ethan scrambled and rushed around with wide open mouth to catch some of my warm squirt in his mouth. He caught a mess on his face, it spilled over toward his eyes, he shut his eyes and rushed his lips towards my spewing cunt. Fingers pinching on my nipples and my ass and hips climbed higher off the seat and closer to the ceiling without me having any control over my movements.

He force shoved two of his thick fingers in and it felt like his entire fist was being shoved inside. He pulled downward, stretching my slit south as I pulled it north, both the soft pads of his finger pressing on the floor on my pussy and that press and stretch he made intensified my squirt. It would not stop streaming. He squeezed and pull and my squirt gushed out even harder and taller as his fingers squeezed into my hole. Oh My fucking God! What was he doing to me. My knees were knocked, then opened, then knocked close, open again. Oh God!


˜Don’t you fucking waste that squirt!` I commanded.

He greedily pasted his lips over the weak stream that was left sprouting out my pussy. He could not drink all of it, he allowed some to gush and overflow both corners of his moustache. My squirt was too much, and too hard for his throat to respond and swallow fast enough, but he did swallow what he could manage to, which was a lot. He shouted at Mia,

˜Bite on my dick! Fucking bite on that big motherfucker!`

Mia bowed her head down into his lap as if she knew exactly where on his cock he loved to be bitten and bit onto the centre of his the thick cock`s shaft. Her teeth sinking into the shaft and denting the flesh. He moaned in agony into my pussy as he drained the last of my squirt out into his mouth and withstand the bite from Mia. Both sides of his face already squirted on, his cheeks dripped my squirted onto the automotive carpet on the floor and on the seat I was sitting on.

Mia groaned and sunk her teeth harder on his cock and cum squirted out his cock and splattered on the dashboard. His face jerked between my legs hard. Mia licked his cum off his cockhead and then licked the squirt off his face clean.

As the tail of the squirt left me and the orgasm faded, my ass muscled and flinched tight one last time and half of my back lowered unto the seat, the rest of my back, ass and feet were between the seats. I could not move to sit properly on my ass as yet. I had to gather myself. I took deep inhales. My eyes fluttered and my thighs shook harder than they have ever shaken in my life. What a freaking experience, almost fisting myself inside his van, in front his girlfriend in traffic and squirting. Damn! What could be next in store for me?


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