Erotic Stories – Motel challenge

Erotic Stories Motel challenge


He looked on how soaked the ceiling of the caravan was, the seats and the floor. He smiled and said, I`m gonna have to teach you a real lesson for this.

I was too drained to reply. He smiled looking into my eyes as they still were turning over in my head. He nodded to Stephany, she smiled and drove us to a motel nearby, the supermarket. It had a white boarded sign marked  ˜Casa De Blanca`.  It was just down the road on Aston Street. It wasn`t a posh motel. The rooms were small and had only a bed, a bedside table with a lamp on top, an empty dresser, a ceiling fan and a small bathroom. It was cosy enough for me to try and take all of his cock without making a sound. I know I couldn`t. I had to try. As we entered inside and Stephany shut the door behind her, Idan did not wait a sec, he unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his nipples.

Inconveniently my phone rang, interrupting. I saw the name and said,

It`s Michayle.

Idan`s body numbed as I called his son`s name. He stopped undressing, one shirt sleeve half-way down his arm. Stephany looked over to the cell in my hand.

Should I answer?  I asked them both.

Yes.  Stephany said.

No!  Idan shouted trying to override her command right after she had already said  ˜yes`.

What should I do?  I asked,  Answer or not?  The phone vibrated in my palm as it rang on its second ring.

Just answer it.  Stephany said. Idan was silent. I`m not sure if I saw guilt in his eyes but his eyes weren`t that bright anymore, his motions slowed as he pulled his shirt back over his chest. I clicked the answer button and with timid eyes said,


Hey Baby, where you at? About to do the last of this drop off. And guess what?

Ahh . . . Umm . . .  I answered.

Was thinking about doing movies tonight, you gamed?

I purposely ignored the question asking about where I`m at.

Sure, I`d love to go to the movies tonight. What time you getting in?

Should be there in little over an hour or so.

I repeated the time aloud so Idan and Stephany would hear.

About an hour or so huh?  I cocked my eyes up looking at them both. They nodded as if signalling that were enough time for him to feed that big cock into me then get me back home with a loosened pussy. Upon them both consenting by shaking their heads, I committed to his time.  Oh sure, that`s perfect.

Good. So what you doing?  My heart raced.

I wished he hadn`t asked. Obviously I couldn`t say, I`m about to fuck your father because his cock was so big and thick and I gotta try my fantasy. Especially since you refuse to fuck me as hard as I would like you to fuck me, and if things turn out right I maybe fuck your Mom too. The funny thing was, I didn`t want to lie to him either. I wanted to hang up.

I`m, umm . . . I just went by the grocery shop up the road from Alexander.

What you got?

A pack of jumbo sausages and a cucumber so far. So where you at now? Well we stopped by this motel on Aston because…

Casa De Blanca?  He rushed to ask.

Yeah,  I said surprised he knew the name of the motel,  How you knew?

I stopped by there with mom a couple of times before.

To do what?  I brought my eyes up to look at his mom. Her expression was blank and innocent as usual.

He spoke as if hurriedly speaking to the driver sitting beside him in the van.

Hey, hey, take this left, take this left.  Then slowed his voice as he tried to sound sweet again,  Hey Babe, gotta go, love ya.

I hung up and slowly put the cell on the bed without looking up to see Idan`s or Stephany`s eyes. I could feel the mood was heavily dampened. No one spoke for a couple of heartbeats. And inside the room felt suffocating with guilt and discomfort. A sharp awkward realisation of what we were really about to do in the air. That is, if we would actually go ahead.

What`s wrong?  Stephany asked.

Well, . . . Uhmm . . .  I turned my back to her and looked at her through the dresser`s mirror ahead of me.  I`m kinda wondering if ”

Wondering if we should?  Stephany completed for me.

Yeah. I mean, you`re his mom and he`s ”

I`m not his real Mom and Idan`s not his real father either.

He ain`t?

No. Idan`s his step dad really. He stepped up to the plate when he was with Michayle`s mom since Michayle`s real father wasn`t doing shit. But when his real mother died Idan kept him as his son.

Yeah? But Mic told me that Idan`s his real ”

Yeah he tells everyone that. He`s kinda ashamed of his real dad. The kid is easily embarrassed.

Well they didn`t quite resemble, and Michayle`s cock sure wasn`t Idan`s genetics, I thought. But even though now I knew they weren`t blood relative I`m not sure it was any encouragement to continue my spontaneous sexcapade with his step dad. I kinda felt guilty.

Oh, by the way,  Steph said,  Michayle made another pass at me yesterday.  She was talking to Idan but…

What?! Seriously?!  jumped out my mouth as if she were talking to me.

Here I was feeling guilty about fulfilling my fantasy with a big cock because I thought Michayle was innocent and all along what he had told me was bullshit. He had been coming at Steph for God knows how long and been doing God knows what.

What did ya do?  Idan asked. My ears grew to attention to hear every word Steph was about to say.

The usual, I let him squeeze on them.

I looked at her breast and now I wasn`t mad at Michayle, I was jealous. Mic`s been squeezing on them and I still hadn`t had my chance to toy with her nipple with my soft girly tongue.

I looked at the time, the hour that we had was ticking away,

So am I going to get that dick today or what?

Idan opened his unbuttoned shirt over his bare chest and his eagle tattoo on the right side of his chest showed. His chest was shaved bald and his nipples were pink and puffy and the areolas around it huge. Thin light hair streamed down from his perfect navel to the shiny buckle of his belt. He began unbuckling his belt and Stephany well-done and delicate fingers with the nails painted in pink, began to help him unbuckle. I got jealous. I wanted to be the one to unzip him myself this time.


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