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The Kitchen

the kitchen

The Kitchen


We had just finished the move and there was an urgent need to replace the kitchen, then an acquaintance puts us in touch with Romanian workers who told us willing to do on the weekend, so we asked them if it was possible to fit everything we had around disassembled, they told us that it was done with other workers, we talked and agreed about the price and gave us an appointment on Saturday morning.
Saturday at 7:30 and 8 were there all workers, among them three big boys of color, they went a good pace and everyone started to work, during all the day I noticed my wife threw some pretty significant glances and she perhaps it was noticed before I saw that with an apology had worn a dress very light and short. Around 11,30 those who rode the kitchen asked me the gas pipe that somewhere was fake so I hurried to leave the house to save time.
The store near the house was not open and had to move by car to reach a fairly distant from our home store .Came back home after one hour, entering I saw no one at work but I felt sounds from the kitchen, moans, and I fell flat floor i found in front of my eyes a thrilling scene, everyone was naked with cocks in shooting and my wife among them intent on taking them in the mouth .Roland the eldest took her by the arm he put her doggie spalm grease on the hole and with a shot of dry penetrate her ass, the scream that she threw was terrible but immediately quieted her by stuffing a nice cock in the mouth.
They fucked her ass in turns and swept the Romanians, but the color guys waited for their turn came and I realized they had all three big huge cocks long and wide, and they took her in their middle and filled in pussy ass and mouth as I had never seen it before, the whore after an initial pain had the ass crack and pussy dripping of Romanian and Senegalese cum from ass when took away a dick cum dripping and perhaps blood. Decided to come in and put an end to it, throw them all out .
However, we are planning to upgrade the kitchen …


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