Best Friend Boyfriend

Best Friend Boyfriend


Pauline didn`t waste any more time, she stripped down and Brad did the same right before they started kissing and touching all over each other greedily. Though it was the first time for Katrina to check this out, she knew that she was going to love it since her body temperature started rising as soon as Pauline and Brad started kissing and touching, just watching them make out right next to her so close was an extreme turn on for her, one that she never imagined would`ve ever made her so hot.

All the others just looked on as they went on with their erotic advances and from the look of things, it seemed to be turning them all on. Brad was confident as he was sexy, and for a moment, Katrina felt a little bit guilty since she was checking out her best friend`s guy. She knew he wasn`t Pauline`s boyfriend though for that she would have known, she deduced that they must have been fuckbuddies, if there was anything of that sort.

Brad whipped out his hard swollen cock, Pauline knelt immediately and he swiped the pink underside of the head on Pauline`s lower lip. Smearing her lipstick to the corner edges to her mouth. Pauline could not withstand the tease. His warm heavy cock pressing against her lip made her tongue salivated. Hungrily, she claimed him into the warmth of her mouth. She wanted to in turn tease him by only sucking on the broadened head but she was so horny and had such an oral fiend for his cock that she couldn`t hold back herself from taking it deep into her throat. She opened her mouth and sucked on the entire length, loving the feel the hard stiff cock filling inside her mouth.

Brad was trying as much as possible to keep calm but her tongue, wet mouth and sucking was sending incredible waves of pleasure through him that he couldn`t keep cool. He moaned a little as his abs stiffened then bit on his lower lip. The twists in his face said it all, the pleasure was unbearable.

Brad put his strong hands on her head, fingers combing strongly through the sides of her hair and grabbing a bit into her hair from both sides of her face. He watched as his majestic cock ran in and out of Pauline`s lipsticked mouth. From a distance. Pauline`s pussy was already dripping and she felt herself reacting, a sharp pulsing twitch at her clit with a string like tug. Every twitched her clit made she felt wetter and wetter.

Katrina looked around the room, all the other guys were busy stroking their hardened cocks as they watched the two pleasured each other. Pauline cupped his balls and toyed with them as she sucked on him. A tall guy from the room came over to them both and spanked Pauline`s ass as she sucked on Brad.

She gave out a surprise, from the spank with Brad`s cock still in her mouth it came out a bit muffled and she felt that her moans were sending vibrations through Brad`s cock. She playfully bit on his cock and he tightened the grip in the side of her hair. She loved his rough grip, she loved the stinging spanks against her ass cheeks. She was getting wetter than ever now and everyone was watching.

Uh . . . uh! she sweetly moaned on Brad`s cock with every strike as each sent a sharp wave of delicious pain rippling through her body. Hearing herself making the  UH!!  moan with every strike actually turned her on even more and she started to sound even sexier each time. Now she wanted more. She pulled Brad`s cock out of her mouth, it was all wet and spitty, she looked back over her shoulder and said,

Harder, harder please.


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