Card Game Of A Bitch

Card Game Of A Bitch

It was a long time I was waiting to get Mauro invitation, my colleague.
That day I put the mini skirt in the office and, being right in front of him, waiting for the right time to show him my stockings.
Finally he falls the pen …
It’s time to cross legs, I thought.
Bingo, here his head is turned towards me and pick up the pen and did make a long search.
I do not know why (in dreams everything is a mystery), but I find myself in the hands of an invitation to his house for a party.
That evening, my intention was to make an impression.
After a while ‘we begin to play cards; around the table we are in 5: Mauro, two other men and her friend a little ‘bitch (seen carrying a top, a bit too indecent).
It plays a trump, then poker, and the men start to win, given their experience.
Someone suggests to a strip poker and Sonia (the slutty girl) starts to bluff in a clear manner to lose on purpose, and take off the top!
For a while ‘I win and I remain dressed, then I lose after with a full house of kings!
I refuse to undress, and Mauro suddenly angry in a way never seen.
He takes me by the hair and threw me to the ground.
While i recover he takes out his cock and starts to tell me to undress.
I refuse, I try to find a support in the other guys, but I see they too are approaching with a smile.
Mauro orders the other two to keep me still while he raises my skirt, is pleased with me for highs but ripping my panties violently.
I try to wriggle but suddenly his cock penetrates me with one shot and I seem to hear it down in throat!
Sonia at this point is completely undresses and gets on top of me forcing me to lick her pussy.
I get repeatedly fucked by three boys while they insult me with phrases like: “You’re just a whore who wants to fuck … Do you like being slammed by all of us right? Stupid bitch !!”.
After they tie me to the table and all three fill my holes while I am forced to lick pussy of the bitch to also enjoy her.

Mauro and his friends, have now reached the peak of pleasure, take off their cock`s and all three spray me over all my face their sperm, Sonia at that point lick all my face wiping well.

Finally untie me and let me go home.

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