The night enveloped the man inside his dark coat and impenetrable, forcing him to walk on all fours, feeling the ground with their hands to figure out where he was going. In-hand, as the only symbol of hope, clutching a pointed stone, that would defend in case of danger and would allow him to make a fire, or at least I hoped. He kept walking as well, stumbling in the dark, until his hand is not felt dry and rough surface of the wood, maybe a dead branch fell from a tree. Taken from the frenzy, the unbridled desire to create a light in the darkness so deep, he began to rub and bump the stone against the piece of wood, until suddenly there appeared a spark and the branch gave off a big flame. The man stepped back, startled. The ease with which that piece of wood caught fire was nothing short of miraculous, considering the fact that until a few days before the sky had poured out on the earth in torrential rain. That flame was something strange and terrible, fascinating and mysterious. The way the sparks flickered and came together, swirled in the black, expanded and withdrew their burning light was growing in man feelings of fear and curiosity. Without even realizing it was moving toward the fire, closer and closer. And, the closer he got, the more he realized that did not perceive heat, as if the flame that danced before him was nothing more than a vision. Sparks merged before his eyes by outlining new forms, secret, revealing images and figures. Suddenly, in the eternal bonfire chaos, something appeared and took life, joining with his body vanishing elegant dance of the flames glowing hair, sensual line of the mouth, the eyes of the brazier, his fingers like languages fire, the soft, warm breasts, belly lost in the flames. That terrible and wonderful creature drew to himself the man, warmed him with his words and with the passion that emanated the movements of his body. Instilled in him a warmth never tried before, which enveloped him totally, made him feel strange, tired, in a limbo of pleasure and torture. The flame enveloped him, burned his clothes shabby, the radiated power and energy, dragging with him and within himself. The red-hot hands surrounded it and lips sought his, with the warm fire tongue danced on the palate of man, exploring her mouth. He could not understand anything but the beautiful and terrible feeling of fire, everywhere on his body remained motionless, his eyes devoured by the flames, her lips parted in that ardent kiss. In the crescendo of warmth that enveloped him, he felt a sudden intense feeling of pleasure, that rose on the belly and continued to rise, stimulated by the fury of those hands, of that fiery body. In the delirium of the stake he wished to have this woman and her hands moved through her, to uncover her breasts and vagina. So, again taken from that kiss, he stroked the warm bosom of her, feeling the flame vibrate under his touch. The flourishing breasts lit up with new strength and ardor, and they went up from the belly of most blue blazes. The man had become part of the fire, flame himself, and, on the stump in flames, began to caress the woman with wish, going up and down with his hand, and entrance emerged, after the curves of the perfect body. She, in response, bent over the man’s erect member, and wrapped him in the fire mouth, pushed him inside her in flames of the throat. The man, immersed in the frenzy of pleasure, did not perceive even the slightest of fire and pain of his body in a fire. He also leaned toward the skinny legs of the woman who sprang from the fire. He immersed himself in the back of her, holding out his tongue at the source of the blue flames. He stroked and licked enjoying the feeling of warmth that enveloped the member and the warm tongue stimulated him with passion. The blue flames continued to increase, the air resounded the strange wailing of women and that suffocated him, both lie close to each other, panting. Suddenly the man’s face was hit by a burst of celestial flare: the flame twisted, shook himself as moved by the wind. His hot mouth wrapped even more the penis and dragged him into the man orgasm so hot and intense. The sperm came out in a boiling stream and covered the woman’s face, his back, partly landed on the block of wood, dissolving in the flames. The blue flashes continued, followed by shots cats of her pelvis, that man, still in the throes of pleasure, stimulated with his tongue and hands. However, while the man’s orgasm was decreasing, the woman continued to enjoy, releasing the powerful vagina bursts of pleasure. He felt the red-hot mouth away from his member, which continued tobe hard for the miracle of that wonderful woman. She stood up, totally crossing it, and wrapped it again in his arms, pressing her legs around his waist. The man, seized by the desire and passion, pushed hard his penis against her, immersing it in the source of the heavenly flames, enjoying that so intense and hot contact. From his burning throat they kept out moans of pleasure that scattered in the dense smoke and fire. He continued to own it, crossing it violently, feeling the pleasure at each thrust increase beyond belief. Her imprisoned in the narrow man, lost as his flame appearance, wrapped by the blue flames of enjoyment. Their bodies, their essences, were now one thing, united on the grass on fire, close together in a blue and red fire which rose cries and groans. The penis of him was now pure fire that penetrated relentless woman, pushing her and crushed against the ground, almost passing it from side to side. His hands gripped the breasts by switching on of new pleasures, his body danced with hers, fluttering tirelessly as the flames. This time he was to come first. His ardent member gave off a burning stream of sperm and the air is saturated with its pungent smell. The penis swelled, almost exploding between the legs of fire of the woman and making her orgasm. The blue flames enveloped them both, thundered in their bellies, threw them in the delirium of a great pleasure. Their jerky movements made them look like a single large fire to be. The celestial flashes themselves became, still immersed in each other, as long as the pleasure did not die, and their was none left but ashes.


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