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A Boring Afternoon

boring afternoon, erotic story

A Boring Afternoon

A boring afternoon, nothing to do, one of those afternoons where nothing happens.
Finally I decided, I’m going to the movies, but all alone does not suit me.
So I start to do a round of phone calls to my friends … But heck … No one is free, seems to be the only one to have nothing to do.
But we do not give up … I begin to dress, a short skirt (love the mini), fishnets, a blouse with a neckline pretty good, and go out.
Cinema is two blocks from my house they give a pretty good movie, maybe a little ‘forced, but I do not have it problem, ‘an R-rated movie, and the posters are very explicit on the subject.
Anyway I walk a little and I sit down in a lateral row.
The lights are still on and I can clearly see the people walking, a few to be honest.
And gosh … All men.
Okay, I think normal.
The lights go down and the film starts, the first scene is very explicit, I did not believe it was a hard film in the true sense of the word.
On the screen there is a girl who is doing a blowjob to a black man with a huge cock, while another big man fuck her in ass.
Suddenly I see (now the eyes are accustomed to darkness) that next to me sat two people … Men, all over the space.
The movie continue…
Now the scene is in a castle, where a very young is chained, three big men whip with straps, fucking her in all the ways and flooding her with cum.
Finally they piss her in mouth.
Unwilling my legs rub each other: I’m freaking.
I feel a hand resting on my leg and I try to fight back, but the other man who is beside me sneaks between my legs, and can not help.
The two are hot guys, now touching me everywhere, my legs, my pussy, my breast.
I hear other hands from behind, I do not know how many there are to touch, three, four, six, ten, I can not understand anything, while my eyes are still fixed on the screen where are playin a ‘ Crazy orgy.
Suddenly I hear someone who says, “let’s get her in the toilets.”
I do turn up and I do not know if I can not react or do not want, but obediently follow two of them.
We enter in the bathrooms, spacious I must say, one of them slipped three fingers inside.
It`s all wet the bitch”.
One sits on the toilet with the erect cock and pulls me on himself.
The other stands in front of me and sticks it in my mouth.
They fuck as they please, then they swap, make me gag, insert their coks and flood the throat with cum.
Without a word, they recomposed and go out.
I had no time to get up three others came.
Same music, but this time break through the ass, one lies down on the ground and I climb over, the other spit me the little hole and, without thinking twice, slap me a very large cock all in the ass, while ‘ another gives it to me to suck.
After intense fuck make me kneel, make me gape and swallow gallons of hot cum inside me.
.. Here come again the change ..
Another Three.
Last about an hour, and I counted 18 ….
Im all messy cum all over, and I’ll have swallowed a liter damn, and I have the holes that burn me, especially that of the ass.
I’m tired…
I’m fucking with three others and shoot thick in my throat.
I have the gagging and coughing that make splash out sperm.
The door opens,about 15 people enter.
They make me sit on the toilet and one by one, with their cock`s in hand, approaching my face and piss on me, actually aim at the mouth.
In the end they let me on the bathroom floor exhausted, dirty, and all full of their sperm and their urine.
I washed myself, I dress and I return home.
Jumped on bed exhausted and think, “Thank God had to be a boring afternoon !!!!”.


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