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Big Gift For My Wife

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Big Gift For My Wife

After 15 years of marriage the relationship with Anna, my wife, is ‘more and more’ beautiful, exciting and intense. I knew she had particular tastes and I have always tried to make her happy as when she wanted to be fucked by a huge cock!
From my part I can not complain and she also of my 21 cm, but Anna wanted a well-hung, for this last year on the occasion of her birthday i ordered a nice Mandingo ultra equipped!
After a long search ….. not ‘easy to find, even if it seems easy, especially with men who are also reliable and serious, in short, without seeking complications, and more!
Contact a 40 year old man in Naples, had placed his photo on a dating site, I meet him to know and to explain my intention.
He seemed the right person, and when he learned of my desire, accept ‘with pleasure.
It was necessary, however, ‘to be sure of the real potential of this person….. said this he takes me to his home where he invites me to attend a sex scene between him and a friend, in fact it was gifted, do not remember to have ever see those measures even in porn movies.
Arturo was the right person for Anna, and I arranged to see us together to fuck, remember that Anna was’ very happy and pleased with the super dick.
Now we approach the birthday of my wife and often I hear talk of last gift satisfaction and her further desire to try a black man ……..
Thursday December 10 was her birthday, after days before through friends I contacted Mohamed, a likeable and gifted black Nigerian, the surprise to my wife ‘was a successful hit.
Mohamed had offered for an amount x to come to our house, I would have called right after dinner.
I dial her cell number. and ask him to go to our home! 5 minutes after ringing the intercom, and Mohamed comes to my house, my wife was still in the dark, was still in the kitchen to clean the dishes, and had not noticed anything …..
I sit Mohamed naked on the couch, while undressing look at him and know that in addition to the big cock and ‘also very nice, and his physical and’ very toned, even the abdominal turtle would envy!
I called Anna, I invite her to come into the living room and as soon as she sees us naked with that black guy’s cock in his hand looking hard ….. makes’ an exclamation of joy!
My love you did not tell me anything about this surprise, you are unique! and hugs me, then greets Mohamed, greets him in his own way, taking his cock in her mouth, as she is a blow job expert…… once the black cock gets hard, it was a long double and very black vein stick with a chapel glossy huge, and two balls ……
I made prior to fuck Anna from Mohmaed, I tasted the scene drinking a whiskey, then it was my turn, I made myself be sucked by my wife while she was on all fours to get her bum!
This time I felt a special excitement, I liked the body of the young Nigerian, I was still horny more ‘and even more’ cock shooting, Anna realized that I liked the bold, and made me an indecent proposal .. ….. take the Mohamed cock in your mouth!
I did, at that moment of excitement did not understand ‘anything, and I found myself a pole in my throat that was fucking making me breathless, I never had a blow job and I liked it!
We ended after a few hours, exhausted and happy, in a bath of cum.
We greeted the handsome Nigerian, but Anna wanted his cell number. told him that he would call one evening of these for me, to take my ass verginity, she wanted me to take it in the ass by the black guy!
Although after I thought about it and fear ‘a lot, but the desire’ to try was more!


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