Pamela`s ‘friend’

I heard the doorbell ring and I awoke from deep sleep while Pamela, puffing heavily and sat on the bed naked. The smooth and blacks hair hung over her shoulders up to the ass, stretched, and rising slowly said: “Check.”
“Can I take a shower – I asked, leaning his elbows on getting up mattress – so then I have breakfast and I go.”
“Ok – she said wearing panties.
I felt good, the night before I met Pamela we hadd a drink and after a while ‘we were finished to his house. A whirlwind of passion I had taken, I took Pamela had started to undress her, kissing her; after an initial resistance, she had succumbed. I had dropped my pants and I put my cock in her mouth sucking. Pamela was certainly not a beautiful girl, tall and beautiful breasts, but a little excess weight, and with the legs not quite wiry.
“Come on – I said, and began a nice sixty-nine.”
She appreciated and boldly began to lick my balls and then the asshole. It was a new feeling and let her do that. I was licking her pussy and began to penetrate her anus with a finger. We got up to undress I ended up putting Pamela ninety degrees and slid my cock inside her pussy starting to pump. I saw her fat ass shaking under my push and taken by the heat whispered to her: “I’ll put it in the ass.” Made no mention, I opened her buttocks and started to push my cock. Pamela was not a virgin, my penis though hardly stepped space between the walls of her ass. Pamela tried almost to free herself, but I was above and before she could say anything my balls touched her backside. For a second jaw dropped; then she said, “Get out you’re hurting me.” By now I was in and I wanted to enjoy, I started to move my cock before trying to calm her, then louder and louder, and while Pamela was nearly crying and i came in her buttocks and back. I collapsed on her and then i slipped by side smiling. “You’re an asshole” were her words, and we fell asleep.
In the shower I felt a chat with the newcomer Alessia, hes “friend” I knew that I had in the past and I got to have a word. She had always called so, in the past his real name was Alexis, a friend of Pamela ever since in middle school. As a young man Alexis was always effeminate, then the decision to become a woman, while maintaining its attributes. In short Alessia was a nice trans, high, nice ass, firm breasts; and even sympathetic.
She came out of the shower with a high class towel, waiting for Pamela and Alessia. Pamela and I were old friends, I sat on the bed waving Alessia, who smiled and said: “Last night you did good fu…”
“We had fun,” I said. “Speak for yourself – answered Pamela – I did not enjoyed it so much it makes, it hurt me behind.”
“What happened?” Said Alessia with surprise. “This one here has… fucked me in ass, a little ‘brutally.” “You liked it – said smiling – perhaps I was taken by the excitement.”
“Let me see – said Alessia by turning Pamela – take off your panties.”
To my surprise Alessia began to lick her ass hole. “It gives you relief?”
“i will continue – she said – it seems the pain past.”
I looked between amazed, then I took off the towel and went saying: “I can play too.” “Have a seat said Alessia. I took the head of Pamela and pushed her mouth on my dick. My friend began to suck my cock gently, while Alessia continued her work. Then we moved on the bed, I lay down, Pamela bent down with her pussy on my face as Alessia, took my cock slamming on the face of the same Pamela. I liked the situation, i liked most when Alessia began to lick my asshole. She moved her tongue on my ass, while with her hands spreads my buttocks as wide as possible.
I was at the mercy, so when they turned me ninety degrees obeyed without a word. I was like a dog with ass in full open sight, Alessia took from her purse a clear liquid and began rubbing it on hands first and then on my ass; with hands caressing and teasing the little hole and inserting more and more the middle finger “You look ready.”
“For what?” I replied. “For this – Pamela told me, pointing to a rubber tied at the waist – Pamela to you the honor to take his ass verginity.”
Pamela took the challenge and started to push it in. It was the first time I was fucked, she pushed without much force thanks to the lubricant that Alessia had used previously. Despite all felt a slight burning, Pamela looked in the mirror she bit her lip, while Alessia followed the operation like an expert. My friend starts to fuck my ass, I felt the muscles always yield more under the thrusts. “Do you like being fucked?” Pamela whispered in my ear.
Alessia stood before me took my head making me lick his dick. I began to suck, but my concentration was on my ass that was beginning to ache. Alessia fuck was becoming harder, so much and taking my head told me: “Come You’ll lick something else – and brought my lips on her ass – I want to hear how you move that tongue.”
Pamela, stopped and let out the foul from my ass, while Alessia, placed behind me. I felt my ass close again and part of the lubricant flow between my testicles. “Let’s see how he handle a real cock.”
I almost bumped to reassure my self, then he took his cock and facing on my hole and began to push, the muscles of my ass had become open and the cock after a first difficulty came in.
I could feel his balls banging and the sound that makes the sweaty skin, exhausted. Look Alessia fuck out of me, but it made me happy to put up his back on the bed spread legs, touched my hole with two fingers as if to check that everything was ok and penetrated me again. I could see my penis move under the pressures of Alessia excited going in and out of me. “Take his cock – said Pamela.”
Pamela from seeing the scene obeyed. The first to enjoy it was me, the first sperm came out, splishing all the belly, the rest down over ass and on Pamela’s hands. Right after I saw Alessia grunting and remain almost breathless as I felt to flood inside.
He came out of me stroking, while his cum dripping from my ass.

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