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Here you can find latest erotica stories, adult stories, adult books, erotic stories, erotic books, erotic literature, sexy stories, erotic short stories, porn stories and many other hot stuff.

Why not try writing your fantasies? Maybe on paper imagination can take over and, in your erotic stories, push you to tell dreams and passions that you can not talk loud or you dont really want to, but it is nice to think. Try to write a short story for four hands, or each could write your own then exchange….

And share them!

We suggest you go for erotic stories on the network or in any bookstore, and then leave them in plain sight, a book on the bed side of the other person, a file on the desktop of your home computer, a printed sheet between the bills. Let the other to find it and read it, and maybe surprise you by citing the tracks or, better yet, making finding you her favorite erotic stories. Do you like our game ideas? We just have to try and tell us how it went, write us any time … [email protected]

Did you find interesting erotic stories or even the latest erotic poems that were published in the community did you like and would like to have a pdf or epub? What would you like to propose a new erotic story, written by you or someone you know? Do you have any special request for us? Then write us your erotic story or whatever  and comes into contact with the staff of our community of erotic stories!



We are running a contest, write us your stories and the most voted story will get $1000, the prize will be given out on 11 January 2016



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