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Husband Best Friend

husband best friend, erotic stories


Husband Best Friend

My husband writes often on this site, I take this opportunity to take his place and write erotic stories.
After 15 years of marriage I never would have suspected that Charles, my husband was gay, maybe bsx but took up the ass and make the bitch worse than me… never would have believed it!
I was on a trip for a week of work, leaving my husband home alone, on my return, my friend tells me that he saw a black man get into our House!
I discussed this with Charles, but he denies having ever called someone of color talking of seeing.
Inventing a weekend and then my departure, my husband set the betrayal. ..
When I got back suddenly, I see the light of our room, quietly I try to spy on, and I am faced with a show that I would gladly have avoided!
My husband Doggie who was riding from a black Stud half bad!
He had a Dick, at least 26 cm, and he my hubby took everything … and between blowjobs and anal, had made cum multiple times in ass and face!
Disgusted and pissed off, I go out without being noticed, and I think about what I should do.
Spend three days, and often I thought at that very handsome black guy, a Talley of color with a cock that made me wet my pussy at the thought!
I decide to take revenge, with a ploy I pretend to leave over the weekend, but I remain hidden in front of the House.
I see the black move closer towards our House. Within the box and do noise drawing attention of Charles going down to check, but I can close it out, practically was locked in the garage.
Now I’m home and I’m waiting for the doorbell rings … …
Look a moment, and the friend of my husband’s at the door.
As soon as I open him remains speechless, but I insist to let him in.
She should be the friend of my husband right?
The black man tries to leave, embarrassed and speechless, but force him to stay, even to take to bed.
Show me your big, fat cock too! Let me see if I can suck your Dick and make you enjoy better than Charles. ..
Shortly after we slept naked, after a long suck that big Dick, now I was making me impale, graden but wished that Charles could see us. ..
I’m going to release my husband from the box, and soon realizes what we were doing, force him to watch sitting while I keep getting fucked by young black guy!!
This is my revenge dear hubby ….. in fact since you like my cock, now in this House,you gotta bring me too, maybe you like this beautiful piece of meat!!!
Now that my gay husband’s whenever I know somebody has to fuck me too …


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