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Hot Lady

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Hi I’m Alex and I have 27 years and work in a bar in the suburbs and today in the late morning I occurs in a woman around 47 years. Approximately one metre high and 70, blonde, blue eyes and a teenage body and asks me a cappuccino not containing cocoa … all of a sudden, but I can’t remember what started the speech and began to tell me of her life, who divorced and who betrayed her husband to a man who then betrayed in turn … whatever else I don’t remember I just know it was taken very well to talk to me and I liked very much this dialogue that there was between us, so much so that I was almost glad that my girlfriend was not present at the Club, since we work together. In those minutes the woman was in the listening and watching her straight in the eye and I excited me a lot and my fantasy was traveling so hectic. The only thing I kept in the brain was as it had been her mouth, the taste, the smell of her skin, her breasts not huge but firm you can tap to savor with your lips … her belly to kiss up to her beautiful shaved pussy and then you go down on her until you feel in your mouth its coming immense orgasm. I imagined what it would be like her moan in enjoy … and then finally let us fuck so slow and passionate … 47 years but that woman greeting me ‘ and said…we will see cutie. I’m a jerk or anything, but if I went … Miss, but me I would take her to bed once, you live once and these opportunities don’t come often with the work I do … until next time! Bye! Alex!!!


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