English Professor

English Professor

I was in high school, one of my professors there was a very serious and severe, hated by all, was called Piero, English teacher. Tall and bald, with bright eyes, goateehad maybe 40 years.
I thought I hated, but i really hated him, too, we were wondering, maybe he does not fuck his wife.
Then one night happened what I never could imagine. …
I go to a gay Club in the capital, had planned a strip held out for a certain time, curious, look up at 01.00 when between smoke and a play of light, on a small stage comes the star of the Strip!
I get closer for a better look, but a few meters I remain shocked! the guy on stage who was stripping was Piero, my English teacher!
Dick! who knew the stern and asshole prof. He was the protagonist of an evening gay …
The streap tease was integral, but in addition to bring out his big, fat cock, though, had an enviable physique, who could imagine in the classroom it was cool like that!
He doesn’t see me, but I follow and i see many kisses it receives, some in mouth, and then following him in dark room I could even touch his cock … …
I wait out the dark, he sees me and remains like stone! It takes me aside and pleads not to tell me nothing I had seen!
OK Prof., anyway congratulations I gave you a half blowjob in dark and you got a nice cock … ….
I greet my professor and I go home, I masturbated thinking of him long after …
At school my grades started to improve.
Days go by, he understands that my silence was there, and wants to reward me!
Throws me a written message, where he asks me to go to the bathroom in the break. …
Luckily it was deserted, the Professor enters and I follow, he put his Dick in my hand, asking me to suck it, then it tells me that this is just a taste of what he wants to reserve, he leave his cell. and asks me to see us in the evening.
In the evening I reach his house, a small one bedroom, receives me naked, I do not know where to start, I start with lick everything from foot to neck, leave me the fuck out last pain apart then it was great getting fucked by prof, in addition to give me his Dick for months, also gives me good grades!
In short, the evening at gay Club has been positive.

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